Blackstone Family Dentistry

Orthodontic Treatment

Dental RetainerBlackstone Family Dentistry is now pleased to offer orthodontic treatments such as braces (traditional and clear) and invisible aligners to our patients. 

We are currently the only option in the Blackstone area for orthodontic services—previously, patients who needed braces or invisible aligners even for minor alterations involving just a few teeth had to travel to Richmond to see an Orthodontist.  Now, Dr. Staples can help those patients right here in Blackstone.

Orthodontic Treatments We Offer

The orthodontic treatments we offer are limited to braces (traditional and clear) and invisible aligners to correct crooked or improperly spaced teeth.  Invisible aligners are removable trays that can be used to treat people who only need minor adjustments to their teeth. 

Orthodontic treatment is a great option for people of all ages who have isolated problems with crowding or spacing (gaps) of their teeth.  Often, it is used for patients who had comprehensive orthodontic treatment in the past but whose teeth have since started to drift. 

We do not offer more comprehensive orthodontic treatments such as bite corrections that require surgical intervention.  This requires the expertise of an Orthodontist, and if this type of treatment is what you need, we will refer you to a qualified specialist. 

Orthodontic Treatment Process

We begin the orthodontic treatment process by taking cephalometric x-rays of your head, which show the teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures. 

This allows us to determine what type of orthodontic treatment will be most appropriate for your situation, and whether the treatment is something we can provide or whether you should see an Orthodontist. 

If your problem is something that can be corrected with treatment by Dr. Staples, we will recommend a treatment plan, usually involving invisible aligners or braces. 

The treatment can last anywhere from several months to several years.  Missing appointments and/or poor oral hygiene can cause the treatment to take longer, affect the quality of the treatment, and increase the cost.

Treatment time can also depend on your overall health and physiology. Everyone’s teeth move and heal at different rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I needed to see an Orthodontist to get braces.  How can a dentist offer this service?

Both Orthodontists and General Dentists have graduated from dental school; however Orthodontists go on to study full-time for several more years in a specialist program devoted to the field of orthodontics.  Dentists who wish to offer simple orthodontic treatments can take courses or seminars that train them on the treatments they wish to offer. 

There are important differences between the training and capabilities of Orthodontists and General Dentists, and we would never attempt to treat a patient with advanced orthodontic issues.  That being said, minor problems can easily be treated by a general dentist, which is especially helpful in rural areas like Blackstone where there are no Orthodontists. 

Will my dental insurance cover orthodontics?

It depends on your insurance plan.  Some dental insurance plans cover orthodontics, and some don’t.  We can contact your insurance company before starting treatment to give you an estimate of what your out-of-pocket costs would be. 

What orthodontic services don’t you offer? 

We do not offer advanced orthodontic services such as bite corrections that require surgical intervention.  If you need these services, we will refer you to a qualified Orthodontist.