Blackstone Family Dentistry

Our Precautions Related to COVID-19


Your overall health and wellness have always been our highest priority.  We appreciate the growing concern with COVID-19 within our community.  After evaluating the most current information and reviewing published guidelines, we remain confident in our ability to provide dental care in a safe and healthy environment at Blackstone Family Dentistry.

We are implementing the following additional precautions and recommendation to our patients and team members in light of COVID-19:

  1. We recommend any patient stay home if experiencing symptoms of COVID- 19.
    • Use your best judgement. If you are sick, we will help you reschedule.
  2. We will continue to maintain a clean and safe environment. As always, we will continue to comply with CDC and OSHA infection control guidelines.
    • We have standard protocols in place to disinfect all surfaces and patient contact areas. We sterilize or safely dispose of all instruments and products used during patient care.  We utilize personal protective equipment (e.g. ASTM Level 3 and KN95 masks, non-latex gloves, safety glasses, face shields, surgical gowns and caps) to keep you and our team members safe.
    • Our team has reviewed proper hand hygiene, reinforced its importance, and encouraged accountability between team members,
    • We have temporarily removed items that pose a risk for cross-contamination (e.g. magazines, toys, and books) from our reception area.
    • Depending upon which procedure you have done today you will be asked to rinse with a 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mix prior to treatment as recommended by the CDC.  Coronavirus is vulnerable to hydrogen peroxide; this will reduce the salivary content of oral bacteria/viral particles.  We may also use a Dental Dam during your procedure as well to decrease bacteria/viral particles released into the air, also a CDC recommendation.
    • We are asking that patient limit the number of people that accompany them to their appointments
    • All patients visiting us for dental treatment will have their temperature checked as well as have their blood oxygen levels checked with a pulse oximeter
    • All common areas are disinfected multiple times per day
    • Patients will have the option for contactless payment

We are closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control. The World Health Organization and the American Dental Association as well as the Virginia Dental Association.  With new information, we will make the necessary adjustment to our operation and will keep you informed of any changes.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in the care you receive at Blackstone Family Dentistry.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  We’re in this together and are here to help!